samedi 27 mars 2010


Great News !
A new VLOOPER Album is out !!
Allways fresh , allways good

Direct Download here

Enjoy the ride

dimanche 14 mars 2010

FICUS Fresh Beats Podcast 10

New Ficus fresh beats podcast 10, with some dopeness inside.
New & old hiphop, low beats, jazz spirit ...

FICUS Fresh Beats Podcast 10 by Ficus

Playlist :

- Tribe Called Quest : Push it Along
- Theolonius : Just another heart
- Dj Cam : Sang-lien
- B.Lewis : Be yourself
- Dj Spooky : Oblect unknown
- Suzi Analog : Botswana boombox
- Prof Ojo : Flutey loops
- Madlib : Africanvoodooqueen
- B.Lewis : Kickin'it back
- Theolonius : True love
- The Biz ft Berk Visual : The Gladness
- Maw : Bounce the radio dial
- Myke Forte : Evreryword
- Theolonius : Dreaming interlude
- Myke Forte : Fast money
- Joob : Sagittarius B
- Monky Fly : Hurry chops
- Hovatron : Dat baby Eraserhed rmx
- Robot Koch : Hard to find
- The Biz : Ancient Future
- Kelpe : Eye candy babylon
- Devonwho : Adept Tokimonsta rmx

enjoy the ride ;)

vendredi 12 mars 2010

La Mixette 28 :: MIQI O :: Tête de Beat !!

Yes Yes !!

Mister MIQI O aka Electrons Libres Have drop a fresh mix for the french bleep gang MUSIQUE LARGE.

La Mixette N°28 - Têtes de Beat by Miqi O.


"Made with love for my homies Fulgeance, Débruit & Rekick and on free download on the encyclopedia of bleep music aka the Musique Large blogspot :

Beats, psychedelic sounds and funky flavor... That's what i'm listening those days.
Tracklisting below

Hope you'll enjoy !!

Peace to you all"

Miqi O.

jeudi 11 mars 2010

ILLWREKKA :: hard-bass-dealer-mix ::

MIX !!

Yes, our Friends Illwrekka have post a fresh HARD BASS mix :
hard bass dealer mix by reka one
He lives now in Lille France
here is his myspace :

enjoy the ride

West Unit meets Sens Inverses records Party @ Elektro TOULOUSE // 31.03

Oï Oï
Le 31 MARS, L'association WEST UNIT invite le label SENS INVERSE à l'ELEKTRO CLUB de Toulouse pour célébrer la sortie du Si 05.
En digne representant du sud ouest ce sera moi même, FICUS qui viendra faire découvrir le Sens Inverse Sound dans la ville rose ;)
Au programme, Turbo hiphop et lazer jazz + Progressive dubstep sounds et Bare Foot !!
Accompagné de Mister Ooze & FREAKS de West Unit, se sera all night long hyper groove & fresh sounds !!
soiréee deep deep !!
Un mercredi !!
soyons ouf !!
C'est GRATOS !!

mardi 9 mars 2010

ABRAKXASSS ELEKTRONS Album Remixed !! Out Soon on I.O.T. records

AbraxXxas and I.O.T Records are coming back, just a year after the release of the album « Elektron(s) ». The Marseille « electronic music factory » hasn’t stand idle. « Elektron[s] Remix » is an encounter between raw rap and electronic music, pushing forward the boundaries of sonic admixture, composed by a multiple-choice music producers.

Following the original version, where various composers worked on the productions, leaving the space to our hip-hopatom to fuse over with his substantial voice. A team of new producers have been on a mission to create from scratch new tracks, keeping AbraxXxas accapelas andBPM from the original album.
« Elektrons V2 » is a promenade between dubstep and electronica, flirting from time to time with many electro influences.
Abraxxxas is without doubt the black sheep of the French hip-hop scene. He likes to overlap various atmospheres in order to expend his universe…question of survival!

For this second project around Elektron[S], this time only available in digital the producers are:

Morganistic, Dragongaz (Interlope), Stalk, Mandibull (Caterva), Rimshot (Interlope) Dead Clown, Niveau 0, L’œuf raide, Mr Sushisooshamp, Automat, Brainbreakazz, Taös, Unstatic, Enkô, The Space Invaders.

At first, Morganistic is just an excuse set up by two electronic music freaks in order to spend hours throwing at each other’s heavy basslines on various electro beats.
Assuming that the passion has taken over, it results from it a fixation to produce high quality sounds mixing hip-hop and neurofunk styles….for a very efficient effect.

Dragongaz released his first vynil in 96 (Psaîzone-label chronobrain (n°00)), followed by several tracks released on No-Tek records and start up in 97 a live electronic duo named Sounds Like Pistols (breakbeat-rock). In 99, Interlope duo live act started with his friend Rimshot, they now have released 3 albums, 7 maxis, 1 live cd "chip jockey" and 400 gigs since Y2K.

Exploring numerous tone and influences, Stalk is an electronic journey, driving himself to his electronica daydream, implemented by post rock atmosphere and the maze of drone and concrete music.

(Aka Fred Ficus) is the other half of the duo Caterva whom opened the path to dubstep in France with the label SensInverse. Solo, Manndibul likes to blend hip-hop, electro crunk and psyche jazz together, to create a « Low beat » sound. The embodied music approach is leading us to integrate artistic expression and contemporary technology.

Rhimshot is with Dragongaz part of the duo Interlope, a break beat, hip-hop and drum’n’bass dance floor wrecker.
Led by experimentation and improvisation, this live formula is settling around 140BPM, fitting in the picture melodies oscillating between rave circa 92, nu break basslines and a few electroclash gimmicks.
Through the years he has collaborated with many music entities such as Jamalski, High Tone, Laurent de Wilde to only name a few.

6- DeadClown
Influenced by thick beats, hip-hop and neurofunk wobbly basslines, DeadClown has been producing drum’n’bass since 2007. He is an active member of « 4astres », a collective who has been setting up parties for the last 2 years.

2009 has been a productive year for Niveau Zero; he had releases on labels such as Exressillon, Destpub and Indus Frenchy. He is currently working on a new album on Ad Noiseam, which will be out in spring 2010.

8- L’Oeuf Raide
Signed since 2001 on the French label Jarring Effect, l’OeufRaide is oscillating between abstract hip-hop, breakbeat and drum’n’bass, mixing those multiple sonic influences according to the mood of the moment. L’OeufRaide has many LP’s and 3 albums under its belt, and has been touring all over France without any intention of stopping it!
The release of their next album “Berlin Eggsile” will be out in 2010.

Coming from the beakcore / ragga scene and electro hip-hop, he is an active member of the independent Toulouse based label “Kurva.records”.
He is playing live, juggling between his laptop and some incisive scratchs that are meticulously deconstructed.

10- Automat
Introduce to acid, acid core and hardcore by the mythic Spiral Tribe in the early 90’s, he started his DJ career in 95 as Tha’Natur, and became known as Automat straight after his first prestation at Astropolis festival in 97.He has since, been noticed by the big man himself, Richard D James (Aphex Twin) for his ability to juxtapose electro and techno soundswith skills and dexterity.

Wearing out his soles on dance floors across the European free party scène for a long period,Unstatic took shape at the beginning of the century. Deeply inspired by hardtek and hardcore, he quickly accustomed himself in combining the virtues of many styles from the various spectrums of electro.

2000, after a long period into metal, Enko waskitted out with his guitar and was spiting out distorted sounds, he then, discovered himself a passion for video games. That was his first step into the electronic world, but hequickly got familiar with djing and knobs feedling with a groovebox or others pieces of equipment of the kind. Now, he likes to compose a warm sound, oscillating between experimental and melodic techno encompassing by ethno dubstep.

Brain Break AzZz is the fusion between Sicko Bastard and Sol-X, an electric and energetic duo formed by two opposed universes. A fat break beat sound blended with turbo crunk, then add a hint of distortionsand some fidget flavouring are the main ingredients to produce their sound.
After collaborating on various remixes such as Partyharders, Dirty Nation and Dakrew, Brain Break AzZz are now working on Abraxxxas’s new project, in order to expand their creative fields.

14- TAOS
CorentinBlondiau aka Taos is a drum’n’bass / dubstep Producer. Influenced by hardcore metal in his teen, he quickly got seduced by the powerful sound of drum’n’bass. He has since produced a cd album« Almost 41 », followed by a dubstep digital release « Sudden Life ». Since 2008, he is part of a new formation « Le Clan d’Estinnes » a band thatblends hip-hop, classical music and dubstep/electro altogether, wherehe istaking on board his scratching and producing skills.

15-The Space Invaders
The Space Invaders is an alien coming from the various galaxies of the electro scene. It all started 10 years ago, when the hardcore nimbus brought him into the underground scene in France.
Now days, he has settle down to create aheavy drum / break soundevolution through his cosmic journey.

lundi 1 mars 2010

Sens Inverse present :: SOMATIK Digital Ep Launch party !!!

New Sens Inverse party !!
Pour feter la sortie du nouveau Digi Ep de SOMATIK, le label Sens Inverse organise une partie de genoux en l'air ce wiken au Zanzibar !!
Au line up vous aurez biensur mister SOMATIK himself ! pour un warm up uk dub stepper.
En guest nous recevons le dj dubstep AVEKAIDA du crew de la Pléiade.
Tjrs en dubstep, mister HELIXIR viendra nous faire ecouter ses dernieres prodz affininée progressive dubstep ;)
et pour finir Mlle MUTE viendra claker son gros son club breaks & bounce !!

Preparez vos sneakers de compet et rdv ce SAMEDI 6 MARS , dès 22H au ZANZIBAR , place st etienne @ Strasbourg centrum.